Marketing managers do a great job


Here’s to the marketing managers – the cajolers and the wranglers

The ones who make the deals, who smooth the bumps in the road

The problem sorters, the burden shoulderers

Here’s to the organisers; the fixers

The type of professional who looks at Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction sorting out the aftermath of Marvin getting shot in the face and says: “I could do that. Hell, I DO do that.”

You guys can get people round the table…

Here’s to the arse-kickers, the action takers, the bullshit detectors

Who know how to plan, and know when the plan needs to go out the window

Here’s to the swans, serenely floating along, while furiously paddling like hell

Who ‘get’ it, but rarely get the credit for it

Here’s to the hustlers, the ones with a knack for finding budget

Who know all the tricks, and when to use them

You are the motors and the motivators. You don’t give up. You see it to the end. You get it out the door.

And I’m not just saying that.  I mean – where would we all be without you?


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